Friday, October 15, 2010

She'll be Comin' around the Mountain When She Comes!

I learned to play that on piano decades ago, but I never thought I'd be singing it!!!!  Work sent me to Red Deer, Canada, and play took to to Banff - it was simply amazing!

It was a short drive from Calgary (first time I've rented a car by myself!!!!!)  I had a blast....turned the music way up, and put the windows way down (the weather at the time allowed for a nice breeze:)

I picked up a few lessons...ones I'll always follow!
  1. Always take the Gondola (or egg carton, or lift, or whatever the little enclosed vehicle is that carries you to the top of a mountain - the views are amazingly gorgeous!
  2. If there's a tower in the City, pay the $14 and ride to the top!  It's really cool to look below. I went to the Calgary Tower, and it was a blast (lunch in the Sky 360 Restaurant was pretty good, too!)
  3. Stay in the best hotel that money can buy (alas...I'll have to save up to enjoy the the Banff Springs Hotel - but it'll be worth it!!!!)

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