Thursday, June 10, 2010

Travel Planning

Hey there travelers!

I'm planning a vacation in California - San Francisco and Los Angeles (two of America's most personality-rich cities) and I'll be there for ONLY JUST A WEEK! Instead of getting overwhelmed with knowing that I want to see and do everything under the sun, I know that I've got to limit what I do so that I can appreciate the value of doing it in a different place.

A few years back, I created a checklist of components that each trip would aim to entail. I've used this list to cover weekend getaways, week long excursions, and around-the-world-journeys. It's a certain way to build in lots of fun, culture, and meaningfulness into your galavanting adventures.
  1. The Arts - A dance performance, arts festival, visiting a museum or gallery
  2. Nature - Taking a stroll through a Botanical Garden, hiking, climbing
  3. Adventure - Ziplining! See me as a spec in the photo above
  4. Athletics - Running, biking, roller blading, skiing
  5. Nightlife - A salsa club, martini lounge, or cigar bar
  6. Relaxation - the spa treatment, laying out in the sun, a long walk on the beach, outdoor nordic pools
  7. Live Music - An intimate jazz performance, Brazilian vocalist, African drumming
  8. Local Food - fish tacos, low country broil, Beavertails

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when deciding what to do in a city; using my Magic 8 helps me to really be present in each moment of exploring a city, and researching what to do gets me familiar with the city's layout before I land. If you've got some travel planning tips that make your trips a success, would love to hear them!

ciao y'all!



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